Social Engineering

Step 1- Take the Pretest

Step 2- Work your way through the webpages reading the content and completing the challenges

Step 3- Take the Final Assessment and provide feedback

Your participation is anonymous and will be recorded for an honours thesis related to my Cyber Security and Networks honour degree at Glasgow Caledonian University, to gain insight into how effective educating students is to help battle against social engineering attacks. To test the effectiveness of educating students against social engineering you will firstly be asked to carry out an initial assessment to assess your current knowledge of social engineering. Afterwards, you will work through the website (Using the navigation bar at the top of the webpages starting at Home and ending at Final Assessment) reading important information regarding social engineering and completing various challenges. Once you feel you have gained enough knowledge you will be required to sit another similar assessment . The results for these assessments will be gathered, analyzed and compared to see just how effective the website is at educating students on social engineering and if their awareness was broadened. By submitting your responses, you will consent to have your responses recorded and analyzed. These responses will be presented anonymously, although you will be required to provide part of your student ID and the course number you are currently studying as this provides information that is required to link results from both assessments. So please make sure ID and course are kept the same for each assessment or else this may render your responses unusable, thank you.

Dear Participant:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for generously offering your expertise and time to my study. I am undertaking this study in order to gather data needed for the completion of my honours thesis. The following section is a request for your informed consent.

You will be permitting us to interpret the data at a later date. These interpretations will be incorporated into a formal paper that will be submitted for an honours thesis. Please note that none of the data will be used for purposes beyond the scope of the assignment and that they will be kept online through my password-locked account until after submission at which time they will be deleted.

You should understand that the only people having access to the data will be me and my project supervisor and that all data will be kept, by me and deleted at the end of the semester.

I trust that the information provided will be sufficient; however, should you require further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mailing me at

If you have any ethical concerns about the project, you may contact my project supervisor Jackie Riley at



Do you give consent to use any data gathered through this experiment?